When a Picture Book isn't (just) for Kids

July 14, 2019

Today, I announced my first book, "You, Me, and a Tree". After months of hard work, I'm so excited to finally be able to share the cover:

"You, Me, and a Tree" front cover

In a couple weeks (or less?!) it will be available for purchase on Amazon (and elsewhere... still ironing out those details), and you can be sure I'll post links all over the place to where you can buy it once it's ready.

Update: "You, Me, and a Tree" is now available for purchase on Amazon! Buy here! https://amzn.to/2LR4nhr

I have to admit, it's pretty amazing - I have carried the idea for this story for two years. To finally see my ideas culminate in this visual form is quite surreal.

This story began as a love letter to my wife. Before we were married, I searched for the words to tell her how I felt about our love. I tend to express myself better through writing, and for very personal writing, I tend to shelter myself behind the comforting shield of a metaphor. (See, I just did it again. Comforting shield... it's a metaphor.... never mind).

Rather than try to describe the story, here's the full front-and-back cover for you to read for yourself:

"You, Me, and a Tree" front and back cover

When I tell people about this story, sometimes they look at me funny and say "Well, is that really a children's book? It sounds like it's meant for adults."

And in reality, I know they're right. "You, Me, and a Tree" is a picture book - but not necessarily a traditional "children's book".

If you've ever read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein (and I highly recommend you do), you'll quickly realize that it is a picture book that was written for adults as well as kids. Kids might enjoy the simple pictures and supposedly simple story, but the book holds a unique weight for readers with more life experience.

"You, Me, and a Tree" is a lot like that.

So when I announced a while back that I was writing a "children's book", I quickly realized I sort of, kind of... lied, by accident. It took me months of work and feedback to realize that I was writing a picture book for everyone, not just a children's book.

But I think it's important for adults to love a children's / picture book. Usually, adults are the ones reading those books. I'm a believer that there should be something for them to cherish in those books as well. That's why "The Giving Tree" is one of my favorite books, and why I think both children and adults will love "You, Me, and a Tree".

I hope my readers will give this story a chance, and keep an open perspective for the future stories to come. "You, Me, and a Tree" is meant to be a shared joy, and I hope it can bring the same happiness to others that it has brought into my marriage.

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Update: "You, Me, and a Tree" is now available for purchase on Amazon! Buy here! https://amzn.to/2LR4nhr

Thank you all for your support.

- Omar