The Riddle

April 1, 2022

My love, I have a riddle for you.

What has two ears yet cannot hear?

It appears, my dear, I was quite unclear.

I may have misspoke... or you might have misheard,

But it’s fine. I’ll rewind, redefine my concern.

I don’t like that you spend time with him.

Why was that so hard to say?

Such simple words, but so hard to convey

This festering feeling, filling my veins,

A sinking sensation that I can’t explain.

No, it’s not just jealousy, it’s something... more.

Something so abhorrent I can’t suppress or ignore it.

These intrusive ideas, sneaking suspicions,

Divisive revisions in our love’s edition.

And these visions, they inspire the fear

That the thing I hold most dear will one day disappear.

Of course that’s you. My dear, I love you too, I do.

And I don’t want to misconstrue my feelings for you.

I know you’re only friends with him, but that’s how it begins.

No, I trust you. I just don’t trust him.

It’s no secret how he feels about you. You can’t pretend you haven’t noticed,

There are moments where you’re his only focus. It’s hopeless,

But who’s to say, one day, he won’t throw caution to the winds,

Give in to the whim of his sin, pull you in and...

I know you think my fears are unfounded.

Your feet are firmly grounded when you’re around him.

But, my love, simply to calm my heart I recommend

That you bring your friendship with him to an end.


What has two eyes yet cannot see?

I noticed you no longer look at me.

You stare straight past, and dodge my gaze.

I look at you, you look away…


Could it be that you hide lies behind those quiet eyes?

And if I pry I might find the beast inside...

Well I'll have you know this,

I noticed a moment of pure bliss when your eyes fixed on his.

I remember when you’d look at me that way.

But nothing stays the same.

Something here has changed.


What has a nose yet cannot smell?

Look, I know your perfume well.

And I KNOW I smelled a hint of that scent on his shirt

When that jerk came to work!

Oh sure…

You think I buy that?

No, don’t even try that…

Every girl has a perfume like that scent of lilac?

Don’t seem so shocked at my reaction

The fact is I’m actually burning passion

Masked by a madness you can’t imagine

Extracting all the facts from these infractions…

I’m not your punching bag.

I punch back when I’m attacked.

And I've been tactfully stabbed in the back

And the fact is, I've had it.


What has a mouth but still won’t - SPEAK!

Answer me! Say it! You know what I seek.

Confirm what I already know...

Admit that you went to meet him at his home.

And when he and you were all alone… I can see it all unfold.

The moment you gave him total control of your open soul...

You pulled up to his address, wearing that little black dress.

You didn’t second guess when you laid your head on his chest.

He put his lips on your neck, caressed your breast, undressed you,

Left you impressed with sex that perplexed you.

And I seem to see this, though it’s so obscene,

Like a scene that streams on repeat,

Seeps in my dreams when I sleep,

So if you won't SPEAK…

Well… At least you can’t lie to my face.

Perhaps your silence is my only saving grace...


What has a heart but… Just forget it!

If you had something to say by now you would have said it!

Ahem… What has a heart but… Actually… No, you don’t.

There’s an empty hole where your heart should go. You know,

It’s funny honey,

I caught you running from me.

I saw your packed bags stashed in the back of a cab. Explain that!

I pretended that I feared what he might try to do,

But the truth… It was never him I feared… it was you.

For you’re the only one I ever entrusted my whole heart to,

Which meant you're the only one who could tear the whole thing apart too...

No, don’t tell me I’m being overdramatic.

I was hooked on your love, like a drug, I’m an addict.

And my God, that sound! This could be problematic.

See, I cut him up and put him in a bag in the attic...

But I can still hear him screaming, shouting in pain.

The blood from his brain still drips from my cane.

Don’t cry for him… Don’t you dare speak his name!

… It seems things can never go back to the same.

Because my greatest fear isn’t that we’re not together,

But that someone else could make you feel better.

Well, if being with me isn’t part of your plan...

If I can’t have you… no one can.

What could take and break a perfect love, and still feel no remorse?

Of course…

A corpse.